Maze Dungeon


Find your way out of a dark maze


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Maze Dungeon is a puzzle game where your objective is to escape from a dark maze. Fortunately, your character is a glowing cube that lights up its immediate surroundings, letting you see the areas closest to you.

Sliding your finger around the screen lets you move your cube, which will continue in the direction you choose until it runs into an intersection. You can also stop your cube’s motion at any time by sliding your finger in the opposite direction. These are the controls you need to use in order to make it out of the maze.

The main challenge in Maze Dungeon is that your cube can only move a limited number of times. So if you run out of moves at any time, the game's over. To lengthen your life, you can collect small colored diamonds and spheres. In addition to giving you more moves, these objects will also change your cube’s color.

Maze Dungeon is a really entertaining puzzle game with an original concept and great graphics. Special mention goes to the lighting system and the soundtrack, which are both really immersive.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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